Creator, Artist




  • Miwa Furuya a.k.a 古屋美和 : SongWriter, Score
  • Eric Rodriguez : SongWriter
  • Harris Pepsi : Engineer, SongWriter
  • Robert Cameron : Engineer, SongWriter, S.E.
  • Hez : Engineer
  • GDP : Singer, Engineer
  • Ma Rie : Singer
  • Janne Forsyth : Singer
  • Patxi Lopez : Rapper, MC, Rap Lyricist
  • Valentina : Singer, SongWriter
  • Kee Paul : Singer, SongWriter
  • David Fredrik : Bassist, SongWriter
  • Jonathan Valvino : Pianist, SongWriter
  • Christopher Anderson : SongWriter, A&R
  • Kanon Kashiwagi a.k.a 柏木香音 : Lyricist

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